Pricing: The Inevitable Question

You may have heard about the quarrel between bookseller Amazon and publisher Macmillan. In a nutshell, Macmillan wanted to sell their eBooks at whatever price they felt was best while Amazon insisted on keeping all eBooks below $9.99. Since Amazon is That Big Market and their Kindle is pretty much … Continue

Sample Scripts: Why I haven’t posted any yet (except now)

One thing I’ve always enjoyed on other people’s sites is the possibility to download and read scripts. It helps a lot when you’re preparing to write your own, and it’s still fun when you’re used to writing your own. Always keen on being helpful, I’ve started posting some scripts of … Continue

You Can’t Turn the Page while you’re Hanging from a Cliff

If I had edited the current story the way I showed you in the previous post, this week’s page would have to be different, too. If you haven’t yet, take your time to read the first three pages according to the original script, then come back here and continue reading. … Continue