Page Formats: The Pros and Other Pros of the ‘Traditional’ Look

Since Warren Ellis just brought up the topic at Whitechapel, and I’ve already given my two cents’ worth over there, here’s a little write-up on why I’ve chosen to present most of my comics the way I’m presenting them: Upright. Like a regular comics page. This discussion comes up a … Continue

Pricing: The Inevitable Question

You may have heard about the quarrel between bookseller Amazon and publisher Macmillan. In a nutshell, Macmillan wanted to sell their eBooks at whatever price they felt was best while Amazon insisted on keeping all eBooks below $9.99. Since Amazon is That Big Market and their Kindle is pretty much … Continue

Sample Scripts: Why I haven’t posted any yet (except now)

One thing I’ve always enjoyed on other people’s sites is the possibility to download and read scripts. It helps a lot when you’re preparing to write your own, and it’s still fun when you’re used to writing your own. Always keen on being helpful, I’ve started posting some scripts of … Continue

Hit Programming: Assumed Audience Approval

Recently on Whitechapel, somebody posted a link to America’s ‘most unwanted song’ that got me thinking (and ranting, on Twitter – if this seems familiar to you, that may be why). This weird yet strangely compelling composition was based on a survey asking people what they really wouldn’t want to … Continue