Gearing Up

You may have noticed that recently this site hasn’t been as active as it used to be. Even more so if you’ve been following me on Twitter because you’d know what to look for. Due to non-comicky obligations, I had to reduce my comicking time, cut down on Gate Crash … Continue

Conny Fights Human Trafficking!

Admittedly, Conny Van Ehlsing is probably too young to really understand Human Trafficking, but she knows monsters when she sees them! That’s why she participates in this year’s Comic Creators Alliance donations drive. For a small donation you get a desktop wallpaper of about 110 comics and webcomics heroines, Brady … Continue

My Holiday at the Pony Farm

No, I’m not on holiday, although from my level of activities at this site you’d think so. But somebody else is: Sarah Burrini, creator of the popular German webcomic Life Ain’t No Pony Farm. And like a good pony farm owner, she left the place for some guests to trash … Continue