Anarchist Anonymous

This is a cartoon I made about… oh, at least 18 years ago, when I was still in the prime of activism myself. Even then, some people seemed to take things more seriously, more … personal than others, especially in those circles. Not everybody, of course. There were enough of us “others” left for this cartoon to find its audience. But I vividly remember a heated discussion that emerged when I dared imply that punk rock was, among other things, y’know, about fun

I was reluctant about presenting it here because I wasn’t sure the computer lettering would work in its favor. (And hand lettering never seems to work online. Well, mine doesn’t.) Anyway, I do like the fonts I found for this. Honor as honor is due, or in true activist fashion of naming my collaborators: the actual lettering is in Gilles Sages’ Gilles’ Comic Handwriting, the headline is in BD Cartoon Shout, an all-time favorite for shout-outs and noises.