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Long time no Conny, eh? Well…
while we all wait for new adventures for the world’s youngest monster hunter, here’s a little thing I drew at the Düsseldorf convention two weeks ago.

I enjoyed both the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie and the new Spider Man a lot, despite problems with each. But I can’t help thinking that in many ways, they are exact opposites. Okay, both are a lot of fun, both have endings that seem kind of tacked on (Spider Man’s works better). But while one manages to portray its heroine in a very genuine and sincere fashion that’s just refreshing and inspiring, the other one doesn’t even pass the Bechdel test, which by the eway is a very easy-to-pass benchmark if you want it to be. Can’t even blame it – that movie is so packed with the adventures of its all-male heroes and villains pack that everybody else is reduced to one-note cue monkeys. Everybody, no matter the gender.

I don’t think there was much of a woe-is-male gedner debate around Wonder Woman for once. If there was, I missed it because I follow the right people on Twitter. (Then again, there was this thing about Doctor Who, just hours after I drew this page…) I guess Wonder Womann is established enough? Be it as it may, even Gaijin is taken by her. Not that he’d ever admit it…

Tonight, I’m going to watch the Valerian movie. We’ll see if that inspires any more comics…

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