Can you believe I almost missed the Monty Python farewell show last Sunday? Well, half of it? I did get to wtch the second half.

Well, that’s the end of an era. Or it would be if the troupoe hadn’t already disbanded 30 years or so.

If you missed it, too, the video stream is still on here and there. My own watering hole is German TV site ARTE. It’s public TV, so it’ll probably be up till the end of the week. If you can’t stream it in your country, I’m sure you’ll find a stream for you. It’s worth checking out, even if you know all the material – just for all the in-jokes, the banter, Palin and Cleese almost losing their shit during the final segment, and of course Stephen Hawking.

I didn’t have anything funny about the other great loss to decade-old TV entertainment, James Garner, so I chose this one to make fun of. Let me just end with a bonus goodbye to everything I know about answering machines…