All This Flattry Will Get You … What, exactly?

I’ve been a guest at the Webcomic Beacon the other day. (If you don’t know that podcast, check it out. I’ll wait. It can’t take you much more than 250 hours to get through all of the back episodes.) Not about my favorite topic, which is me, or more to … Continue

Page Formats: The Pros and Other Pros of the ‘Traditional’ Look

Since Warren Ellis just brought up the topic at Whitechapel, and I’ve already given my two cents’ worth over there, here’s a little write-up on why I’ve chosen to present most of my comics the way I’m presenting them: Upright. Like a regular comics page. This discussion comes up a … Continue

Conny Fights Human Trafficking!

Admittedly, Conny Van Ehlsing is probably too young to really understand Human Trafficking, but she knows monsters when she sees them! That’s why she participates in this year’s Comic Creators Alliance donations drive. For a small donation you get a desktop wallpaper of about 110 comics and webcomics heroines, Brady … Continue

ComicPress vs. Multiple Comics

Note: This tutorial refers to a Comicpress site that’s no longer in use. I’ve moved on to Comic Easel now. Just in case you’re wondering why ths doesn’t seem to aplly to what I did on this site. You’re right. Also, this tweakworks with Comicpress and below. No guarantees … Continue