Patreon: Setting New Goals. ‘Cause I Must.

Patreon just changed its design. Mostly, that’s good – it’s all responsive now and you get to see everything on one page. What you won’t see anymore, though, are the upcoming milestone goals – all you get to see is the next one. That’s a pity because those goals used to serve multiple purposes: They gave both my would-be patrons and me a kind of road map that we could set off to achieve together – and they were fun!

I’m changing the list of goals right now – from far-away fun goals like “Scholastic Skillmongering” (at $7,500, I’d learn to draw) or “Cinematic Sensation” (at $1,000,000, I’d make a movie) to more prosaic, practical goals. The first on the list – the undefined “High Five for Morale” where I’d do something nice for my patrons but didn’t yet specify what, needs to go, too. Can’t have something as vague as that be the only prospect in sight.

Another thing I’m thinking of changing is what the basic pledge is for. It’s a monthly pledge now and whatever I do that month is for your benefit. I’m thinking about changing that to a per-thing pledge as soon as I figured out what I want the ‘thing’ to be. Just the webcomics seems kind of cheap, doesn’t it? Although it is what this campaign is supposed to fund…

Anyway. The goals.

There are some actual things that I want to get done and that I was planning to incorporate anyway. For example, I’ve been meaning to migrate this website to a more reliable host for a while now. That’s not too expensive – you can get decent hosting as cheap as €60 a year, or at least the offers seem decent. (I’m running a new site on one of those hosts now, so I’ll see how it works.) So in theory, I could afford that already, but I could add some site redesigning to make it more of a threshold.

Another thing I’ve been meaning to do but obviously need an incentive for or I would be doing it already is more blogging – either right here or somewhere off-site. I could easily fill that blog with translations from the German blog I’m already writing – albeit not very regularly either. Or I could write something new (for the right price)…

New books are overdue, too. You know, the English ones I’ve been meaning to make since 2008. The reason I keep putting that off is that I don’t really have International channels to market or even ship those books. I’d have to do that myself. Or start looking for a publisher which means extra work on top of the extra work of assembling the books. (So, in terms of where that milestone would be, I’m guessing somewhat higher up the line.)

All of these are goals I’ve been meaning to achieve anyway. Other goals – a graphic novel, colorisation, a movie – are nice to have but on the other side of the living-wage threshold. At $1500 a month, I could start working on this full-time. Since you’re not going to see goals that high up for quite a while yet, I don’t have to think about that for now.

For the low end, I’d like to offer something that’s fun for you folks, too. I’m sure you’ll all approve of my new website come the time, but you’re not exactly waiting for that to happen, right? So I’m thinking maybe I’ll translate one of my German-only print-only comics and make that available. Or keep the irregular Gate Crash ebook or something like that.

But first things first. What do you think the first goal should be?