Comic Conned

Also, why is it called comic if it isn't funny?

At the end of the day, it’s all about having the right expectations and preparing accfordingly. Also, I may be wrong, but I seem to have sold more comics than last year, even though I came prepared to focus on posters, cards and sketches.
Even so, one remark I’m kind if sick of hearing is the one about how Comic Cons aren’t about comics at all these days, just about TV personalities and, apparently, YouTubers. Seriously, folks: Get over it. This is how that kind of venue works and we all know that. Continue


Fake news or biased mainstream?

Apparently, the phenomenon of “fake news” is being called out a lot for the debacle at the US election these days. Good. I wouldn’t want those news bots to get a pass. There’s just one problem I have with that term:

It sounds like a straight English translation of “Lügenpresse” (liars’ press), the term German right wing extremists adapted from the Nazis (the original ones, I mean, from the 30’s) for what the American ones call “mainstream media bias”.

Seriously, if both sides use basically the same word for each other’s information, that’s actually a pretty good example of what’s been going wrong here. Continue

Alien Morse Code

I don’t know how often I’ve seen this headlineover the last week or so. And it was always “morse code”, not “a dune formation that somehow resembles morse code”. Somebody even transcribed it, just for laughs, and found out… nothing. I thought it would be funny if, instead of being … Continue

Protected II

I usually don’t make cartoons about topics that aren’t so topical on my home turf because I don’t want to intrude on debates held elsewhere. Especially when it’s a topic where Europe or Germany is ahead of the people debating it. That would just be smug, wouldn’t it? But I … Continue


You know things are seriously going wrong when you side with gun vendors. Not the big weapons traders who bet on wars and stuff, but the small retailers selling guns to licensed sports people or whatever their narrative is. I don’t really care about them either way, but I read … Continue

Not Tonight

I know today’s not a Conny day (“not tonight”, get it?`Get it?), but it was either this or wait for a whole year to post it next Halloween. I’m not that patient… The current Conny Van Ehlsing storyline continues this Friday, as usual.