Twitter, Facebook, And Now That Google+ Thing – My Social Profile

If you watched this site progress over that last half-year, you’ve noticed I’ve been adding some social network links. The latest addition was Google’s +1 button at the bottom of each post, along with the Facebook and the Twitter button. You can use these buttons as well as the Flattr button and the AddToAny menu to the left of most posts to show your support of all things Dreadful and, uh, Gatey. But you can also actually find me on those networks.

So here’s my social networks profile, sorted by my activity there in declining order. Which makes it the order you should check them out in, as well.

This is where I’m most active. Whatever comes to mind during a day goes here first. Unfiltered, unsorted and full of typos. Comments, ideas, musings, and I’ve been known to post the occasional 140 character short story, essay or review, too. ‘Cause I can, you see.

Feel free to follow me at @dreadfulgate. Don’t expect me to follow you back, though. I might, if I know who you are, like your tweets and don’t already follow your other feeds, but I make these decisions in my own time. If that’s uncool with you, don’t follow.

(Actually, I may add a post later about how I use Twitter and how I recommend you use it if you want people like me to follow you.)

There’s a Dreadful Gate page and a Conny Van Ehlsing page. They mostly carry “official” news and stuff. You can find my personal profile easily from there. Again, I won’t befriend just anybody – that’s who the pages are for.

Facebook, the way I use it, is at the same time more personal than Twitter and more … officious? The status updates are like an edited version of what I do on Twitter – Less spontaneous, but with more links and stuff. On the other hand, FB makes it easy to respond to updates and join discussions, and I do that a lot.

I still haven’t really figured out what to use it for that I’m not already doing on Facebook. As a result, my page there is a quieter form of what I do on Facebook, I guess. Anyway, you can find me here – circle me all you want and see what happens.

Another thing I had a hard time deciding what to do with. I signed up with it years ago when I didn’t have my own site, to add something blog-like to my online presence, but it never worked that way. I kept the log just in case I come up with something, and because I liked the system. For a while I fed news and posts from this site into it, which makes the current layout delightfully messy if you scroll down because they so weren’t formatted for that. Nowadays, I mostly use it for sketches and other things I can’t categorize or that aren’t quite … ready yet.

Oh, and you can ask me stuff there. Not that you couldn’t anywhere else. But Tumblr is where I have an extra page for that.

Deviant Art
Yes, I’ve got a page there, too, for the occasional piece of art that would make a good print. Very occasionally, I hang out at the forum, too, but it’s been a while.

I’m also at MySpace, Xing (which is basically the German LinkedIn, from what I hear) and probably some others I forgot. But I hardly hang out there.

So, if you want to get in touch, you now know where to find me. Or you could just post a comment, of course.